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Harnessing AI for our clients

The legal sector is among the slowest industries to adopt modern technologies. Lawyers are accustomed to what is familiar – the legal system moving at its own pace. Only recently are they willing to try technologies that other industries have used for decades. As a result, law firms are slow to adapt to the ever-changing technological environment.

Now the circumstances are forcing their hand.


Clients’ changing expectations and the COVID 19 pandemic both demonstrate that the legal industry must abandon its old ways, adapt to changes and join the new, technology-driven world.


At SSW Pragmatic Solutions, constantly enhancing our quality of service via technological improvements is one of our key metrics of success. We now offer turnkey solutions to our clients and legal teams. Kickstarting the change, finally pushing the sector into the 21st century and augmenting the law industry!

Augmented Lawyering

We identified market challenges and decided to implement artificial intelligence into legal services. Investing in modern technologies, plus transforming and reshaping a lawyer’s role, enables us to find new opportunities for both us and our clients.



Automated document analysis
(AQUILA empowered by IBM Cloud with AI capabilities)

We use and provide leading AI technology for automated documents analysis. Our solutions involve machine learning models for natural language processing and text classification. They have the capability to learn, as they recognize clauses with similar meaning but different content. Automated documents analysis addresses the challenges of:

Time-consuming and inefficient analysis of a high volume of contracts

Comparing and standardizing the terms and conditions of contracts

Lengthy and inaccurate (based on samples) due diligence processes

Day-to-day management of a high volume of contracts following legal or regulatory changes

How can we help you?

Our solutions can already analyse documents relating to various industries – including the real estate and finance. As a scalable system based on artificial intelligence, it can be easily adapted to suit your individual business needs. Using technology to process large volumes of complicated datasets allows us to:

Analyse clauses based on either pre-trained algorithms or algorithms trained and developed for you, to suit your individual needs

Assess whether clauses are in line with your current corporate standards and/or expectations

Search for red flags in your documents

Automatically extract information from large volumes of datasets

Graphically present the results of analyses in a summary view

Our AI solutions can recognize clauses that are illegal, inconsistent with corporate or market standards, or simply absent from your contracts. Additionally, we guarantee you:

Security and compliance with GDPR requirements

Customizable functionality

AI training including access to a trainer panel, used to build a knowledge base, with the support and supervision of our experts

Automated document creation/generation

We enable businesses to automatically create new documents from data extracted at an earlier stage. Document generation empowered by the latest technology makes it easy to efficiently create, update and manage document templates in seconds. Our solutions are logic and AI-based systems that use segments of pre-existing data to generate a new document.

How can we help you?

Our automated document generation solution automatically fills in the information into your documents. Quick and simple document generation allows you to:

Reduce time and costs spent on creating documents;

Easily draft NDAs, quotes, or proposals to clients;

Automatically draft statements of defence based on previous legal documents;

Improve your company’s management of its document strategy.

Bridging the gap between business and technology 

Our Innovation & Technology team bridges the gap which exists between business and technology, delivering custom, state-of-the-art technology solutions. We based our solutions on the following ideas:

Business value comes first: Technology is a tool to solve business problems, not a label to be attached to projects merely to make them look better.
We don’t sell “RPA Projects” or “Power Platform Projects”. We analyze your challenges and recommend the best solutions.

No compromises: We believe that the tool should fit your business needs, not the other way round.
Existing market solutions require you to adapt your business processes to fit the program specification. We don’t accept that and neither should your business.

Sustainable innovation: Your project should not be “innovative”.Innovation should be the way your business operates. We help empower your business and employees to use technology to grow and be sustainable.
We are the spark that will ignite innovation within your organization.

Pragmatic solutions: Tools should not be a liability, but overengineered solutions definitely are. We believe in simplicity and pragmatism. We design our products to solve problems, not create them.

One-stop shop: We know that only a comprehensive approach can enhance your business growth. We can advise you on the right technology and help you implement it.

How can we help you?

We offer a holistic approach to business, not limiting ourselves to pre-existing tools. We are ready to implement fresh solutions, tailored to your business needs. Our services include:

Technology strategy and IT architecture

Modern workspace

Innovation Centre of Excellence

Business process augmentation

Creating business applications platforms


Process mining

Blockchain smart contracts

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SSW Pragmatic Solutions is a leading law firm with a singular focus – our clients’ business. We offer comprehensive law, tax, accounting, finance, and advisory services. Our aim and objective are to provide our clients with services which constitute value added to their business. We provide responsive, proactive and practical solutions, driven by our clients’ needs.


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AQUILA is an artificial intelligence-based platform for comprehensive, fully-automated analysis of the content of documents. It is managed and supported by leaders in their respective fields: SSW Pragmatic Solutions law firm and Kyndryl (formerly IBM Global Technology Services). We use advanced algorithms built with IBM Watson Studio for natural language processing and text classification.


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